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Lilliaana Silverleaf / Dec 17, 2018

Teldrassil is now a husk. The barren world tree silently looming over the battlefield to serve as a constant morbid reminder of why the fight must go on. The black moon hung in the sky above the blighted lands, cloaking it in an eternal nightfall....

What is The Hundred Glaives?
The Hundred Glaives is an ancient militant unit. Formed during the days of the fall of the Queen, these brave elven commandos were a small, yet effective barrier against Sargeras and the Old Gods. The War of the Ancients was won and Tyrande disbanded the unofficial unit, thanking them for their valuable service to their kin. Years turned into centuries, and the Legion was never again such a mighty foe that the elves could not resist their advances on Kalimdor by Sentinel means. It has been nearly 9,000 years since the last Glaive was put away....

Who knows what advances the Legion will make. Our brave leaders Tyrande and Malfurion have called upon the Hundred Glaives once more.

Will you be called to Kalimdor's defense and prepare yourself for the merciless onslaught that is surely headed Azeroth's way?

Join The Hundred Glaives and find out.

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